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Fire Tender

  • Step into a ritual space to access your creative fire.

  • Be held in integrity.

  • Receive life direction from within.

A Fire Tender's Manifesto

​1) You must always be burning,

    - destroying, clearing away;

    - sacrificing some things, making way for the new.

2) While the material world of darkness provides the fuel, your fire creates light, and warmth.


3) This warmth must be shared.

    - Community

    - Around a fire is a circle of people.

    - Everyone shares in its gifts, and everyone helps fuel it with their gifts.


4) The light cast on people, and things, will illuminate truth.

    - This can be uncomfortable for people, but that’s part of why the warmth is also there, and other people are there.


5) People must fuel the fire with their own darkness.

    - This also helps make it feel less uncomfortable to be in the light.


6) You must always be creating.

    - The fire takes tending. And while it takes sacrifice, it also demands building of solid infrastructure.

    - And it gives back. It is our duty to take the new information it gives to us and act on it, creating a feedback loop.


7) There is always a fire within ourselves.

    - While it is important to tend communal fires, there is a fire within us as well.

    - For our lifetimes, it has a duration, but it also contains something of the infinite soul: the flame imperishable.

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